Tonight three of my studio classmates and I went out for dinner and the conversation quickly took a turn towards chamber music.  I'm sure everyone has had their fair share of bad experiences with chamber music, but it never fails to amuse me when I hear stories of how rude people can be during rehearsals!

I have the utmost respect for professional chamber ensembles.  The fact that three or more people can spend hours together on a daily basis, and can be sincerely open to critiquing from the other members blows my mind away.  Whenever I'm in a quartet or trio rehearsal, I feel like I'm walking on eggshells so as to make sure I don't rub my fellow musicians the wrong way.  And I'm sure it's not all butterflies and daisies for the professional groups; one of my best friends is first violinist of the Aeolus Quartet and he's told me of the difficulties they (and every other quartet!) face during rehearsals. (And by the way, you should definitely check out their quartet - they are absolutely STUNNING!!!)

How do they do it??  I love playing chamber music, but feel that my full enjoyment is hindered by my constant worry that I'm doing something the other members don't like.  Maybe I'm just silly and paranoid..

What are your chamber music experiences?


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